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Membership Overview

Membership Benefits

SCITP is one of a kind organization in Chittagong. We have members from all IT Domains. When you collaborate with SCITP you have the opportunity to meet the IT leaders and trend setters. Which will give you the opportunity to share ideas, views and other thoughts. SCITP team is always on their heels to arrange different events in Chittagong so that the members can get used to with the recent changes in IT arena and enrich their knowledge. We have an active forum which help our members to get help from the professionals. In future SCITP will arrange expeditions which will help the members to see new technologies and learn about them. The opportunities are limitless when you have the right collaborations. SCITP will give you that platform. We strongly believe in our motto “We Collaborate, We Share and We Prosper” to guide us forward with all of your support. To be more specific, membership benefits includes:

  • Opportunity to meet the IT leaders and trend setters.
  • Learn new technologies, explore solutions to technical problems.
  • Priority registration & special discount on training.
  • Networking in-person.
  • Support System.
  • Beyond basics.

Membership Category

  • Category Yearly Fee (BDT)